Hire Service

Hire no-dig pipe repair equipment to service customers without upfront investment

  • Cover jobs outside of your usual scope
  • Expand your business without the cost of extra assets
  • Try equipment before you commit to purchase

Equipment for hire includes Pipe Doctor patch repair packers, Picote Miller machines and the grabber tool and Pipe Doctor CIPP lining equipment.

Pipe Doctor Logo 2018Pipe Doctor no-dig patch repair packers are available to hire by the week.

Standard straight, Wheeled straight and Radius packers are available. Common packer sizes are available as shown below but other sizes may be available on request.

All packers are made from high-quality rubber for smooth expansion and a long service life and finished with metal fittings for inflation and deflation.

S1E announce partnership with Picote SolutionsPicote drain cleaning & cutting equipment is also available to hire by the week.

The Mini Cleaner and Super Midi & Maxi Miller machines are available. These are high-speed mechanical cleaning machines which turn tool attachments within the pipeline to remove scale and blockages or cut out laterals that have been covered.

The unique Picote grabber is also available for hire, along with a 10m extension if required. The grabber is used to retrieve items that have been dropped within the pipeline. Tools and other items up to 80lb in weight can be retrieved.

A wide range of Picote tools & accessories are available to purchase from stock, including special drill heads, concrete & liner removal tools, chains, brushes and grinding panels, and many more, each designed to tackle specific applications common within the drainage sector.

Please note that a refundable deposit will be charged for the transport stillage used for delivery of the Picote Super Midi or Picote Maxi Miller.



Mini Cleaner, by Picote Solutions

Pipe Doctor No Dig Lining System 2018

Pipe Doctor Lining equipment is also available to hire by the week or day (dependent on item).

Equipment essential to creating a CIPP liner is available including rollers and vacuum pumps for wetting out of the liner, invertors for liner installation and  a boiler trailer to assist with liner curing.

S1E stocks liners and lining resin from renowned industry suppliers such as Brawoliner®, Brandenburger & Insituform, as well as our own unique Multi-Bend and Multi-Change liners.

For enquiries about liner equipment hire, please call Chris Watson directly on 07747488612 to discuss your requirements.

Hire no-dig pipe repair equipment from S1E