Invadrum Range

Lightweight, composite inversion drums, available in three sizes to suit different pipe diameters and applications.

  • Manufactured from an ultra-light, high-strength and temperature-resistant composite material, in combination with high-quality container steel guarantees a long service life.
  • Composite construction has no seams, which ensures there is no leakage under pressure.
  • Suitable for hot and cold curing with water, air or steam.
  • Supplied with hot water circulation connections as standard.
  • Lightweight drum and built-in wheels ensure ease of manoeuvrability on-site.

The Invadrum range of products is a perfect addition to your suite of trenchless rehabilitation tools.

  • Invadrum 600 – a small drum used for lining pipes from DN50 to DN200.
  • Invadrum 700 – this mid-range drum covers DN100 to DN200 sizes.
  • Invadrum 950 – the largest in the range can be used with pipe sizes up to DN300.
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