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Easier large diameter patching now here

A new style of packer, which makes large patch repairs easier and which can mend oval pipes, is now available in the UK, courtesy of Source One Environmental (S1E): the Pillow Packer.

”This product is the latest addition to the Pipe Doctor no-dig patch repair system,” explained S1E Business Development Manager, Russell Edwards. ”It’s another tool to achieve professional repairs, offering a unique way to fix larger infrastructure while solving some difficulties on-site.”

The product has been on sale in the Americas via S1E’s US sister company, where it has been fully trialled and tested. Here in the UK, S1E has conducted successful joint tests with contractor PBF Drainage, who have now trialled it with a Water Company client.

”Everything went perfectly on our first 900mm repair, with an excellent smooth finish to the patch. The client was really happy with the result and we found that there was none of the usual headaches you can get when repairing at this size,” commented James Stern, PBF Drainage’s MD. ”We have successfully installed over thirty of these large diameter repairs since we have had our pillow packer and we have gained huge experience with this system.”

Pillow packers are oblong in shape, rather than circular, and lighter in weight than traditional packers of equivalent size. Three sizes are available, offering repair of pipes from DN750 to DN1800.

The pillow packers fold down prior to installation in the pipe, which makes them easier to manoeuvre and the repair can therefore be achieved with fewer operators. During inflation, the packer grows to the size of the infrastructure into which it is placed and it can form to shapes that are not circular, particularly allowing the full repair of oval as well as circular pipes. When not in use, pillow packers fold flat for easier transportation and storage.

”The new pillow packer offers contractors an alternative that will make their lives easier when offering their own customers a low-cost, low-disruption repair,” concluded Russell.

Pillow packers are now available exclusively from Source One Environmental.

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