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Contractor puts new skills to use – immediately

Rob & Luc Williams of Elite Pipeline Services Ltd have carried out their first no-dig patch repair just one day after completing Energy & Utility Skills-certified training in the subject.

Owner Rob and his son Luc took the day-long Pipe Doctor patch repair training course in September, delivered by Source One Environmental (S1E), the manufacturers of the WRc-approved Pipe Doctor no-dig system.  The following day they completed their first installation.

“We had agreed the job with the customer beforehand, including confirming that her new driveway could be laid across the repair site, as we would use this no-dig technique,” Rob explained.  “Needless to say, the homeowner didn’t want any damage to the smooth tarmac, so we had to make sure we got it right.”

Rob & Luc were supported on site by S1E trainer Tony Hickman.  The repair was to cover a 9 to 12 hole in a 100mm pipe.  Rob has reported that the repair was a total success, which left in place “a perfectly formed patch”.

Previously working as a plumber and handyman in Australia, Rob decided to buy Elite Pipeline Services on his return to the UK and took over in July.  He has spent the first couple of months getting accreditations up to date and filling any gaps in his and his son’s knowledge.  The no-dig qualification was recommended to Rob by an Irish contractor who he met on another training course and he decided straight away that it would be valuable for his business.

“I’m keen to offer all of the services Elite has been delivering to customers and then to develop the business from there,” stated Rob.  “Luc and I are now both very confident in carrying out this technique for our customers.  No-dig patch repair will be a valuable income stream for us in our new venture.”

Elite Pipeline Services are based in Bridgend and cover the whole of the mainland UK.

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