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Successful lining – under pressure

K-Prema Liner End Seal - front

K-Prema liner end seals have been selected for two recent lining projects for contractor Environmental Techniques, which required them to prove their repairs with pressure testing.


“We chose to use the K-Prema seals for these jobs as we know they will seal the end of the liner and withstand the pressure test every time,” stated Andy Taylor, Project Manager at Environmental Techniques.  “Other techniques are not certain to create a 100% seal and we won’t leave the success of the job up to chance.”


The first project saw the installation of 26 K-Prema end seals.  Working with their sister company, Insitu Form Technologies, Environmental Techniques installed a 2.1 km liner into a 750mm gravity-fed main sewer line.  Although the line was not pressured, pressure testing was required by the Water Company as it crossed a Site of Special Scientific Interest and no leaching at all would have been acceptable as it would have been a source of pollution.


Due to its length, the liner was installed in stages.  Inspection pits were located regularly along the pipeline, so the liner was installed in sections from pit to pit, with a liner end seal added to the upstream and downstream pipe from each pit.


The liner end seals withstood the pressure test with no problems.  “The K-Prema seals were easy to fit and the whole job was plain sailing,” commented Andy.


The second project was smaller in scale, but presented the same challenge of installing a liner that must pass a pressure test.    In this case, two 350mm diameter, 180m-long cast iron pressured pipelines required lining as they were bursting at the joints.  The pipeline ran across a nursery and the leaks were causing flood patches on the property.


To fully repair the pipe, Environmental Techniques installed a 10.5mm insitu line within it, sealing the four liner ends with K-Prema seals.


“A pressure test was needed as the line was under pressure anyway during its operation,” Andy explained.  “We selected K-Prema to finish the liner ends for that reason.”


Liner end seals are used to prevent any debris getting in between the liner and its host pipe.  K-Prema liner end seals are available for 200mm to 1400mm diameter pipes.  Internal pipe seals are also available in the same range, for diameters between 500mm and 4000mm.  All K-Prema products are WRAS approved and are available from supplier Source One Environmental.

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