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New flexible liners accommodate changes in pipelines

Pipe Doctor Multi Bend Inversion Liner

Brand new Multi Bend and Multi Change Liners were launched by Source One Environmental (S1E) at No-Dig Live last month.  The Multi Bend Liner can accommodate multiple bends within the pipeline, whilst the Multi Change Liner can accommodate a change in diameter.

New flexible liners accommodate changes in pipelinesS1E has developed these new materials in conjunction with our suppliers to offer a new proposition to the industry.  The liners have been subjected to rigorous in-house testing from the experienced S1E Lining Team, including impregnation with different resins, before the final compositions were selected.

“It’s taken time to fully develop these products,” said S1E MD, Glenn Cartledge.  “We wanted to test out different ideas and to be confident of the quality we’d be offering to our customers.  The whole S1E team is now happy that we have a real alternative to current products on the market.”

The Liners will be marketed under S1E’s new Pipe Doctor Lining brand – a sister brand to the successful Pipe Doctor Patch Repair System, which has been in the market for over a decade.  Pipe Doctor Lining will consist of three areas: Lining Supplies, Lining Services and Lining Equipment.  Along with new resins and cali-hose, the liners are included in the offering for Lining Supplies.

“We launched our Wet-out service earlier this year and this has just been joined by our purchase of a new boiler to offer for hire, to grow our Lining Services range,” explained Glenn.

“New partnerships with manufacturers mean that we have a wide offering of Lining Equipment, which we’ll detail more in a formal launch shortly.  We first demonstrated some of these products at our Open Day in June and will again promote them at No-Dig Live during September.  Together, we have an impressive and growing range for customers offering professional lining,” he concluded.

For more information about the products, please click here.

New flexible liners accommodate changes in pipelines

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