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Unikey does the heavy lifting

A new universal manhole cover lifting set is now available – the Unikey.

Supplied as a kit, the Unikey includes two handles and a range of interchangeable tips.  The set is supplied in a convenient soft carry case, so that the handles and tips can be easily stored together.

The set is manufactured from quality zinc-plated carbon steel and the handles and tips have a 250kg Safe Working Load certified by Lloyds British Testing (1000Kg straight pull destructive testing).

The Unikey is manufactured by Metex, who specialise in creating innovative products for the construction industry and distributed by Source One Environmental (S1E).

“We have re-engineered the universal manhole cover lifting key to create the strongest and most versatile version available,” stated Daniel Bamford, Director at Metex.  “The addition of the carry case should make it easy for contractors to keep everything in one place and make sure that nothing gets lost in their van.”

Tom Yoxall, Sales Manager at S1E continued, “We’ve been working with Metex for a while as we stock their rat blocker products.  Customers have been delighted with the quality of those products and we expect the Unikey to be just as popular.  It’ll be simple for our customers to add a Unikey to their orders to give this new product a try and I’m sure they won’t be disappointed.”

Unikey universal manhole cover lifting key kit

The full set contains:

  • Handles x 2
  • 33mm T tips
  • 22mm T tips
  • 10mm Hook tips
  • M10 Screw tips
  • M12 Screw tips; and
  • a Stopcock Key.

For more information or to order, call the S1E Team on 01226397015 or order online here:

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