Speedy mainline and lateral liner curing available by Starlight

The new Starlight lateral and mainline UV lining system from German manufacturer IST is now available exclusively in the UK from distributor Source One Environmental (S1E). “This system has a real crossover from the traditional lateral UV/LED machines and the bigger mainline UV machines.  It allows you to install fully structural fibreglass GRP liners from

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Lining Resin now available from S1E

Source One Environmental now supply are now distributing Polyester Lining Resin. The resin is available in filled and unfilled versions, in 18 litre tubs.

Source One Environmental (S1E), suppliers of products for trenchless repair, have announced that they are now distributing Polyester Lining Resin. “We have worked extensively with our resin supplier to select a composition that works well on site and created a filled version that has been specially designed for us,” explained S1E Sales Manager, Tom Yoxall. 

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