Leak Repairs

The Krystol Crack Repair System is a permanent solution for repairing leaking cracks, holes and joints for either side of the concrete, perfect for when you only want to repair cracks once.


  • Permanent repair system
  • Withstands high water pressure
  • Can be applied to either side of the concrete
  • Includes patented crystalline technology


  • Repair leaking cracks or construction joints
  • Firmly anchor bolts or ornamental iron
  • Seal around pipes and metal fixtures in masonry concrete
  • Repair spalled or honeycombed concrete
  • Use as a waterproof plaster on masonry walls
  • Plug and seal construction form tie holes
  • Finish walkways and driveways
  • Fix chipped columns and uneven marks
  • Repair damaged concrete elements
  • Strengthen other weak mixes as an additive

Product Descriptions
The Krystol Crack Repair System consists of four products:

  • Krystol Plug: A rapid-setting hydraulic cement product, it sets hard within 2 minutes and has high-compressive strength, which allows it to stop water even under high-hydrostatic pressure.
  • Krystol Repair Grout: a crystalline grout that stops the flow of water to permanently repair leaking cracks, holes and joints in concrete.
  • Krystol T1: a cementitious, brush-applied crystalline treatment that transforms new or existing concrete into a permanent waterproofing barrier (see Surface Applied Waterproofing page)
  • Krystol Bari-Cote: a high-strength, high-performance, cementitious, waterproofing top coat that is specially designed to resurface and repair concrete or masonry.

A handy Leak Repair Kit is also available containing Krystol Plug, Krystol Repair Grout and Krystol T1, with enough material to repair 6 meters of leaking cracks.

Steps are as follows:

Step 1: Clean and prepare the crack and joint
Step 2: Stop water with Krystol Plug
Step 3: Install Krystol Repair Grout
Step 4: Finish with Krystol T1 coating


For customers within the Benelux region, please contact our sub-distributor Ipco for assistance: www.ipco.nl