Restore & Protect

The Hydrostop Restore and Protect System is used to create a durable and waterproof barrier that protects aging concrete against water intrusion.

The Hydrostop Restore & Protect System consists of three products:

  • Hydrostop Grout: a non-shrink waterproof grout, containing Krystol technology, that is used to repair surface cracks in the concrete or mortar
  • Hydrostop Coating: a 2-part cementitious coating used to improve aesthetic appearance of aging concrete and provide a strong durable barrier against water intrusion.
  • Hydrostop Sealer: a high-performance penetrating sealer used by itself to protect concrete, brick, mortar and masonry from the damaging effects of water intrusion. It can also be used as part of the Hydrostop Restore & Protect System.

Cracks and surface defects are treated and filled using Hydrostop Grout. Hydrostop Coating is then placed to restore or create a uniformed white or grey coloured appearance. Finally, Hydrostop Sealer is used to seal and protect the coatings against moisture intrusion.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces the cost of maintenance and repairs
  • Avoids costs of building replacement and prevents disruption to facility and building operations
  • Increase your environmental sustainability
  • An easy to use system, decreasing application costs
  • Increases environmental sustainability by extending the lifespan of the concrete
  • Restores the appearance of aging concrete

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