Everyday Essentials

Essential items for drainage contractors


Source One Environmental provides a range of everyday consumable items, for our drainage contractor customers to order as they need.

The range includes:

  • protective suits, available in single packets or as pairs;
  • nitrile-coated protective gloves;
  • heavy duty hand wipes to remove oil and grime;
  • natural citrus soap in 5L tubs;
  • measuring jugs, indicating measurements in l & ml;
  • 5L buckets;
  • 2″ PCL silver tape;
  • mixing paddles for use with resin; and
  • utility knives, complete with 5x blades.

The products are in stock and available for order by phone or email, or via our online shop.

As with all S1E stocked products,  consumables will be sent out for delivery on the working day following acceptance of the order, so contractors can top up as required.