Cleaning Tools for PVC Pipes

Quickly and efficiently clean PVC pipes, with no damage

The Smart Spider

  • The Smart Spider is a unique tool designed specifically for pipes where the base or other sections are missing. Easily navigates 90° bends.
  • Available sizes: DN100 & 150.
  • Easily rebuild your Spider when necessary.
  • Only operate with a Maxi Miller.
  • Smart Spider Plus DN150, 200 and 225 to be operated with Maxi Power Plus.
Picote Smart Spider.

The PVC Twister Cleaner

  • The PVC Twister Cleaner is is a gentle option for PVC pipes.
  • Suitable for cleaning DN100 this useful tool is effective at removing small inconsistencies inside pitch fibre pipes.
  • Use with the Midi Miller or Maxi Miller for outstanding results.
Cleaning Tools for PVC Pipes

The Picote PVC Cyclone & Original Chains

  • The Picote PVC Cyclone & Original Chains are very popular for cleaning PVC pipes. All the benefits of the regular Picote chains, but without carbides, making this safe inside PVC.
  • For Micro or Mini Miller (8mm shaft), DN50, 70 & 100.
  • For Midi and Maxi Miller (12mm shaft) DN70, 100 & 150.
Picote Cyclone Chain

The Picote Wire Brush

  • The Picote Wire Brush is a safe option for smaller PVC pipes.
  • For lightly removing any build-ups of scale, this practical tool is available for use with the Micro or Mini Miller (8mm shaft), DN50, 70, 100 & 150.
  • New for the Maxi Miller (12mm shaft) sizes DN100, 150, 200, 250 & 300.
Picote Wire Cleaning Brush

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