Collapsed Liner Removal Tools

Liner failed? Don’t worry – you can remove collapsed liner quicker and more efficiently than ever before with Picote’s range of Liner Removal tools, specifically designed for the job.

Twister Liner Remover

For use with the Picote Maxi Miller.

The Twister Liner Remover is a special tool designed specifically to remove collapsed liner. It has two front brushes for stabilisation and features a custom built flat drill head. The impressive 3mm front metal panel features large carbides, enabling it to perform collapsed liner removal in DN100/4” and DN150/6” cast iron or concrete pipes – quickly and efficiently.

Watch the demo here:

Collapsed Liner Removal Tools

The Smart Sweeper

For use with the Picote Maxi Miller Power Plus only.

Developed for several challenging collapsed liner situations including where the collapsed material is around the wall of the pipe. Highly effective in situations where a liner which is too big has been wrongly installed inside the pipe (e.g. DN200 liner inside DN150 pipe).

  • Smart Sweeper Liner Remover for DN150, 200, 225 and 250-300
  • Create the combination that works best by simply changing the front head.
  • Use with Smart Crusher Head for cases where the collapse is in the middle of the pipe
  • Use with Front Drill Head for stubborn wrinkles
  • Also suitable for highly efficient drain cleaning
Collapsed Liner Removal Tools

The Smart Crusher

For use with the Picote Maxi Miller Power Plus only.

The Smart Crusher tools are recommended for the toughest removal work. The Smart Crusher’s body can be equipped with a Smart Crusher, Concrete Removal or Front Drill Head, depending on the operational requirement.

Collapsed Liner Removal Tools

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