Picote Drain Cleaning Tools

Picote has developed a wide range of tools to use with the Picote Miller Range for the efficient and high-speed drain cleaning of cast iron, clay, concrete and PVC pipes from DN32 – 300 / 1¼” – 12″.

Picote Grinding Chain for drain cleaning100% Picote Grinding Chains

To guarantee the high quality of its innovative products, Picote now manufactures its own cleaning chains, so that you can be sure they are always 100% Picote.

Picote Grinding Chains are multi-use tools which are extremely effective at removing large build-ups of scale and more. Picote offers a large range of grinding chains for high-speed cleaning with the Picote Miller Range of machines. This truly powerful combination gives outstanding results, eliminating scale and bringing pipes back to their original glory.

Uses include:

  • Soft blockages
  • Scale & calcium build-up and tree roots
  • Failed liners & imperfections in pipe
  • Cyclone chain for damaged pipes
  • Original chain for tough jobs
  • Cast iron, concrete & clay pipes

Three types are available: Regular, Premium and PVC (for cleaning PVC pipes).

Drain Cleaning sizes and chain materials

Find out about all of the models and sizes available below:

Premium chains
Twice the size – cover more area!

The new carbide has twice the size and the surface contact of the standard model. For this reason, the new chain cleans more as it turns, making the cleaning process faster. The increased surface makes the carbide longer lasting with less wear per use. The superior fabrication of the carbide is resilient, again increasing the chain’s life-span.

No carbides chain
Safe for use inside PVC pipes

All the benefits of the regular Picote chains, but without carbides, making this safe inside PVC. For Micro or Mini Miller (8mm shaft), DN50, 70 & 100. For Midi and Maxi Miller (12mm shaft) DN70, 100 & 150.


The Smart Spider

Cleans all types of pipes fast and efficiently

The Smart Spider cleans all types of pipes fast and efficiently – even safe to use in PVC pipes. A unique tool designed specifically for pipes where the base or other sections are missing.

  • Easily navigates 90° bends.
  • Available sizes: DN100 & 150 for Maxi Miller, DN150 & 200 for Maxi Power Plus. (For smaller sizes in cast iron, clay or concrete pipes, use the Picote chains).
  • Easily rebuild your Spider when necessary. Affordable spare parts and rebuild packages available buy online now
Picote Spider, designed and manufactured for drain cleaning

The Twister Cleaner

The gentle option for PVC pipes

The PVC Twister Cleaner is a gentle option for PVC pipes. Suitable for cleaning DN100 / 4” this useful tool is also effective at removing small inconsistencies inside pitch fibre pipes. Use with the Midi Miller or Maxi Miller for outstanding results.

Picote Twister, designed and manufactured for drain cleaning

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