Picote Miller Range

Picote Milling Machines are designed for fast and efficient drain cleaning, including soft blockages, scale and calcium build-up, tree roots, concrete deposits, as well as failed liners and imperfections in the pipe.

Picote Milling Machines are designed with safety and efficiency in mind, to work with a comprehensive range of tools for small diameter drain renovation.

  • DN32 – DN300 / 1 ¼” – 12″ pipes.
  • Five sizes of machine to suit your needs.
  • For pipes DN32-DN75, see the new Mini Cleaner

Benefits include:

Increased efficiency and productivity / Save time and money

  • High rpms 500 to 2900
  • Variable speeds offer multiple service options
  • Consistent torque at any rpm ensures no loss of power during tough jobs
  • Get the most out of your machine with an extensive range of cutting and cleaning tools
  • Camera can be used safely while machine is operational, meaning you can be fast and accurate
  • Cables can be easily repaired and maintained on the job, saving you valuable time and money
  • Cable adaptor allows for smaller cable use – meaning greater versatility

Increased safety

  • Enclosed cable has no moving parts
  • The Cable Drum does not spin, only the cable spins
  • Electronic safety clutch as standard
  • Large emergency kill switch as standard
Picote Miller Range - for fast and efficient drain cleaning

The Miller Range Overview

The Maxi Miller Power Plus

Designed to make light work of the tougher jobs

The Maxi Miller Power Plus is a heavy duty machine for the most challenging jobs. With a range of unique tools with a focus on drain cleaning, lateral rehabilitation and removing collapsed liner.

Features include:

  • 20m/64ft of 18mm / ¾” shaft which can be extended by 10m / 32ft
  • Suitable for heavy duty drain cleaning with Picote Original and Cyclone chains
  • Fast reinstatements with the Smart Cutter™ and Twister
  • Tough descaling with the Smart Spider
  • Challenging liner removal with the special Smart Crusher and Smart Sweeper tools
  • For DN150 – DN225 / 6″ – 9″pipes
  • Can be used in DN100 / 4″ straight pipes
  • For descaling/cleaning, can be used in pipes up to DN300/12″
  • 3-phase 16 amp 400v / 3.5kw / 1800rpm
  • Electric motor and safety clutch.
  • Control box can be detached and operated from access point

Note: Will require suitable generator

The Maxi Miller

The durable multi-purpose machine

The Maxi Miller is designed for drain cleaning, root clearing, lateral re-instatements, collapsed liner removal and more, the Picote Maxi Miller is a powerful multi-functional and very durable machine.

Features include:

  • 30m/100ft of 12mm / ½” shaft with thick outer casing
  • Suitable for drain cleaning & powering the Smart Cutter™, Twister, Collapsed Liner Twister and the Pipe Cutter
  • Suitable for the new Smart Spider
  • For DN100 – DN200 / 4″ – 8″pipes
  • Weighs 95kg / 210 lb
  • 1400rpm, 1130w output
  • Electric motor & safety clutch

Note: May require generator

New Product!:  The Super Midi

A new version of the Midi Miller, with powerful upgrades at a competitive price

Features include:

  • 20m / 70.5ft of 12mm / ½” shaft
  • Multi-use machine for heavy descaling, pipe cleaning & reinstatements
  • For DN70 – DN150 / 3″ – 6″ pipes.
  • Weighs 59kg / 130 lb, 1500 rpm, 1500w output
  • Durable electric motor & variable speed control
  • Digital control box and electric safety clutch
  • Excellent combination of safety, power & portability

The Midi Miller

The versatile drain cleaning machine

Features include:

  • 12m / 39ft of 12mm / ½” shaft with regular outer casing
  • Suitable for drain cleaning & powering the Smart Cutter™, Twister, Collapsed Liner Twister and the Pipe Cutter
  • For DN70 – DN150 / 3″ – 6″ pipes. Adapter for 8mm / ⅓” shaft for DN50 / 2″ drains
  • Weighs 48kg / 106 lb, 1800 rpm, 1200w output
  • Durable electric motor & variable speed control
  • Push/pull system and stair glides make transportation easy
  • Easy to manoeuvre inside buildings

The Mini Miller

The drain cleaning machine for households


  • 17m / 55ft of 8mm / ⅓” shaft with thick outer casing.
  • Suitable for drain cleaning DN50 – 100 / 2″ – 4″ pipes.
  • Use with DN50 & DN70 / 2″ & 3″ Smart Cutters & Twisters.
  • Powers the Picote Coating System.
  • Weighs 32kg / 71 lb
  • 600 – 3000rpm, 1200w output.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Perfect for working inside buildings.

Also available:  The Micro Miller, with 12m of 8mm / ⅓” shaft

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