The Pipe Cutter, by Picote

Cut back on costly mistakes with the The Pipe Cutter. For trimming back liner that has overshot into the main, during the lining process.

The Pipe Cutter

For use with multiple Miller Range machines.

Simply attach special Pipe Cutter panels & centraliser to your existing Smart Cutter™. Quickly and easily remove excess cured liner that has overshot during the lining process into the main line. Cut the excess piece through the lateral.

  • For DN70, 100 & 150 /3”, 4” & 6” pipes.
  • Powered by a Picote milling machine:
  • DN70/3″ with Mini Miller or Midi Miller with adapter for 8mm/⅓” shaft.
  • DN100/4″ with Midi or Maxi Miller.
  • DN150/6″ with Maxi Miller.
The Pipe Cutter, by Picote

The Pipe Cutter Ultra-Flex

For use with the Maxi Miller machine.

The Ultra-Flex is a complete unit and is used when there is a bend just before the location where the liner needs to be trimmed.

For DN200 / 8” Pipe.

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