Sentinel Liner Guard, by Picote

The Sentinel monitors three distinct parts of the lining process: pressure of the liners, power supply and water levels in pumping stations.

The Sentinel features a remote alarm that sends a text message alert via the GSM network to a cell phone should there be a power outage, fluctuation of the pressure outside the limits, or should the water level in a pumping station rise too high. The Sentinel settings are easily adjusted by GSM commands. Pressure data can be requested via text message.

Sentinel Liner Guard, by Picote


  • 2 x pressure connectors
  • 1 x water level monitor (upgradeable)
  • power supply monitoring 110-230v / 50-60Hz
  • 3-phase powers supply monitoring 400v / 50-60Hz and 3-phase alarm (sound, text message & call)
  • Illuminated LCD screen with polycarbonate shield
  • military grade connectors
  • battery back-up
  • user adjustable GSM numbers
  • user adjustable limits for high/low pressure with values lP67 sealed closed and lP64 open
  • CE & FCC approved

Watch this Picote video for a hands-on guide to The Sentinel Liner Guard:

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