The Grabber, by Picote

The Grabber is a unique tool designed to reclaim tools and other items lost inside a pipe. Avoid digging up costly mistakes with this powerful air-driven tool.

The Grabber is available in two sizes: Original and Large.

Original Grabber: Simply select and attach the best jaws for the job and you’re ready to reclaim a tool or item, weighing up to 35kg/80lb. Push the cable into place and switch on the air supply to get a grip on the object. Fits in DN100/4” or larger pipes.

Large Grabber: Comes with one set of jaws. Max lifting force is about 70kg/150lb. Fits in DN150/6” or larger pipes.

Easy to use:

  • Simply select and attach the best grabbing head for the job (for the Original Grabber) and reclaim that tool or item.
  • Push the cable into place and switch on the air supply.
  • The customised steering function allows the grabbing head to rotate due to the cable inside, making it much easier to grip the item.
  • Pull the tool out of the drain and turn off the air to release it.
  • Add extensions in 10m increments when required.
  • Keep an eye on the retrieval process with your CCTV camera for precise positioning.

Watch this useful tutorial by Picote on using and assembling The Grabber for retrieving tools lost inside drains:

Demonstration video of The Grabber being used to remove a Twister lost inside a 4″ pipe:

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