BRAWOLINER® offers seamless textile liners for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes. The BRAWOLINER® is extremely flexible due to its special loop construction. This makes the liners the ideal renovation solution for defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in dimension.

The Brawoliner® system has passed the CIPP leak tightness test from the Water Research Centre (WRc).  A copy of their confirmation can be found in the Downloads section below.


  • The liner for small dimensions from 50 to 250 mm (2″ to 10″)
  • Bends of up to 90°
  • One dimensional change

Brawoliner® 3D

  • For several changes in dimension
  • Three sizes:From 70 mm to 100 mm (3″ to 4″)From 100 mm to 150 mm (4″ to 6″)From 150 mm to 200 mm (6″ to 8″)

Brawoliner® XT

  • For greater strength
  • From 100 to 250 mm (4″ to 10″)
  • Significantly higher stiffness
  • Bends of up to 90°
  • One dimensional change

Brawoliner® HT

  • For domestic rehabilitation
  • From 50 mm to 250 mm (2″ to 10″)
  • Bends of up to 90°
  • Up to two changes in dimension
  • Warm curing possible at higher temperatures

BRAWOLINER® is a leading systems supplier in no dig rehabilitation. Besides liners and resin, they also offer complete installation equipment. Specializing in small diameter pipes from DN 50 to DN 250, Brawoliner® offers a reliable rehabilitation solution for sewerage systems with 90° bends, changes in diameters and for defective pipe connections.

Brawoliner® is available in over 30 countries worldwide.  S1E is proud to represent Brawoliner® in the UK & Ireland.

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