Pipe Doctor Lining Resin

Pipe Doctor No Dig Lining System 2018

S1E now stocks a range of lining resins which are available with short and long pot life properties, to suit installer requirements on site.


EasyPox 6024, Epoxy Resin

  • For wet-out on site – 2 hour pot life.
  • DibT certified.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Supplied as 30Kg, 2-part kit.
  • Available now from UK-based stock.

Pipe Doctor Resins

L30E1, PU Silicate Resin

  • For lining & large diameter patching.
  • Very long pot life.
  • Supplied in units of 42Kg (30 l).
  • Available now from UK-based stock.

Pipe Doctor Lining Supplies Range

Contact your dedicated Pipe Doctor Lining specialist

Interested in Lining Resin? Get in touch with Chris Watson, our Pipe Doctor specialist, on 07747 488612 or chris.watson@s1e.co.uk.