IST Starlight UV System

The new Starlight UV curing system from IST – covering smaller mainline and lateral pipelines from a single machine, with fast cure times.  Available exclusively in the UK from S1E.

The key Starlight system benefits include:Brandenburger - Made in Germany

  • Ability to cure structural GRP liners
  • For pipelines from DN100 to DN300
  • Fast curing time – can cure at 0.6m/min
  • Choice of light source cable – UV or LED of various lengths – located on easily changeable drums
  • Works with a wide range of liners and resins for the best possible combination for any job
  • Accommodates liners of up to 100 metres in length
  • Can handle bends of up to 90° at all pipe sizes within its range
  • Single unit with everything needed included – only a compressor also required on site
  • Compact design with a small footprint, offering great manoeuvrability and includes a stair climbing aid within its built-in wheels
  • Tamper-proof pressure and temperature monitoring and recording built-in
  • Video recording by on-board camera built-in
  • Metre counter feature
  • Remote maintenance in real time by the IST Technical Team in Germany if any troubleshooting is needed
  • 500 hour recommended maintenance intervals – longer than competitors
  • 230V operating voltage

Established in 1998 in Germany, I.S.T. is a fast-growing specialist in sewer rehabilitation technologies that has achieved worldwide reach.

Operating as a manufacturer, distributor and service centre, I.S.T. has developed a reputation for in-depth expertise within its field.  Its engineers work at product development and within the company’s own service centre – their technical knowledge is at customers’ disposal to understand the best use of their products and for troubleshooting.

I.S.T.’s original NuVision UV curing system is in use in every continent in the World.  The Starlight system takes NuVision’s technology further and offers a product for smaller-bore pipelines.

For more information about I.S.T., please see the video below:

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