Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve

Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve logoThe Quick-Lock liner end sleeve is a system for permanently sealing the end of a liner to the host pipe. Once sealed, the liner end is protected against the effects of high-pressure jetting.

  • The Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve functions in the same way as the Quick Lock Point Repair System.
  • The EPDM rubber seal has been designed to accommodate all common liner wall thicknesses.

To install Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeves, the following are required:

  • One set of air-pressure-controlled cutting tools
  • A transfer bladder adjusted for the system; or
  • In accessible profiles, the Quick-Lock BIG transfer tool.

Quick-Lock LEM installation equipment is available to hire as well as purchase.  Call the team on 01226 397015 or email contact@s1e.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

Training is available in the installation of Quick-Lock products for drainage engineers to gain confidence and experience in the techniques involved.  Please contact the S1E Team to arrange.

System Benefits

  • Swift & simple installation process
  • Long-lasting materials: 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel with EPDM rubber as standard
  • NBR rubber available on request, or special KTW-approved seal for drinking water applications
  • Resistant to high-pressure jetting in accordance with DIN 19523. DN150-160 tested by IKT.
  • Compensates for shrinkage in the liner
  • Can resist up to 10 bar internal pipe pressure when installed

Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve on-site image

System Components

Two-piece stainless steel sleeve with Locking screws (4x) and Sliding blocks (4x)

Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve.

Rubber jacket (1x)

Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve - Rubber Jacket

Compensating rubber (1 or 2, if needed)

Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve. Compensating rubber (1 or 2, if needed)

Product Dimensions

Diameter Overall Length Pipe Internal Pressure Pipe External Pressure
DN150 – 400* 250mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN450 – 800* 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN700 – 1300** 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN1400 – 1600*** 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar

*One-piece               **Two-piece                ***Three-piece

Quick-Lock liner end sleeve system

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