Pipe Doctor Pillow Packer

A fold-flat, oblong inflatable packer for repairs to larger diameter infrastructure.

Pillow packers are easy to manoeuvre, for an easier installation of the patch.


  • No-dig method of repair, reducing cost, time on site and disruption
  • Available in three sizes: 750-900mm, 1000-1200mm and 1200-1800mm
  • Flexible to manoeuvre
  • Lighter weight than standard packers of the equivalent size
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Inflates to fit the shape of the damaged infrastructure; repair ovoid as well as circular pipes
  • Repair is structural, dependent on layers installed
  • Pillow packer in pipe

Product Codes                          Description
FPP-PILLOW-3036X48               750-900mm x 1200mm Pillow Packer
FPP-PILLOW-4248X48               1000-1200mm x 1200mm Pillow Packer
FPP-PILLOW-4872X48               1200-1800mm x 1200mm Pillow Packer
FPP-REG-FF-ASM-30                  Air Regulator (0-2 bar)
PDLFT750-900                              750-900mm Packer Sleeve
PDLFT1000-1200                          1000-1200mm Packer Sleeve
PDLFT1200-1800                          1200-1800mm Packer Sleeve

Bulk matting and resin available for use with Pillow Packers – for more information about our resin please click here or call us on 01226 397015 for more information.