Pipe Doctor Phoenix Heated Packer

The Phoenix heated repair packer, features a built-in heater for a reduced curing time, with no patch shrinkage.

High quality, unique packer with built-in heater for full control of the hardening process and a reduced curing time.

The Phoenix is able to operate in temperatures between -20°C and +50°C, for use throughout the seasons. Curing time is reduced by up to half, regardless of the external temperature, improving efficiency and freeing up time to move on to other jobs. The heat generated from the packer speeds up the resin hardening process without causing any shrinkage, as can occur with other methods used to cut drying times.

Pipe Doctor Phoenix Heated PackerThe display on the control unit shows the actual temperature of the packer in real time, allowing the whole process to be continuously monitored. Heating the resin also increases its workability.

The WRc approved Pipe Doctor patch repair kit is used with The Phoenix packer to create the repair.


  • Save up to half the cure time
  • No shrinkage of the repair patch
  • Full control of the hardening process
  • Works independently of outside temperature
  • Increases capacity
  • Improves control and workability
  • Durable cable supplied in heavy duty, waterproof and abrasion resistant material
  • Cost effective


  • For the installation of straight Pipe Doctor patches for the repair of damaged pipes
  • For pipes of 100mm and 150mm nominal diameter
  • Available in lengths up to 5m
  • Curing time is reduced by up to half in all conditions
  • All year round benefits – can be used in external temperatures between -20°C and +50°C
  • Installation procedure almost identical to standard packers – simply inflate the packer as normal, connect to the Control Box and switch it on

Pipe Doctor Phoenix Heated Packer