Pipe Doctor Resin

An efficient mixing method and unique concept in the pipe repair marketplace.

The pack is separated into 2 sections by a plastic sealing clip with the contractor removing the clip before kneading the pack which starts the resin mixing process that is visible due to the transparent bag. Excellent migration properties exist between the resin and fibreglass mat thereby providing the strength and flexibility to permanently repair any cracks or voids.

As the resin is supplied in a double sealed bag there is no need for separate ingredient bottles, measuring containers or mixing buckets which are traditionally associated with other no dig pipe repair systems currently available in the marketplace.

The resin is a water-glass based polysilicate resin that provides strength and flexibility due to its unique cross linked molecular formula.


  • The 2-3 hour cure resin having a working time of 30 minutes (maximum)
  • The 1 hour cure resin has a working time of 15 minutes (maximum)

The resin is able to cure in the presence of water and eradicates the possibility of being washed away. Excellent migration properties exist within the resin that enables cracks and voids to be permanently repaired and gives the contractor the confidence to offer guarantees.

The cured resin has the following properties:

  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance compared to all other pipe repair resins
  • Excellent bonding properties to most materials
  • Non-flammable – ideal for airports, hospitals, stations and other public places
  • Non-hazardous – no transport or disposal problems
  • Odourless – ideal in confined spaces