TVS-2000 Pipe Inspection System

Trio-Vision logoRobust, steerable crawler cameras for pipeline inspection.

Sturdy crawler systems for everyday use to provide complete CCTV pipe inspections in buried pipelines.

Packed with features to deliver clear information to the operator and simple to use on site.

Control Unit & Software

Control Unit

  • Specially-designed for the TVS-2000 system
  • Easily controls all crawler, camera & light functions
  • Lightweight for easy transportation
  • Windows®-based system with 128Gb hard drive
  • Daylight-readable touch-screen monitor for total visibility, regardless of site conditions
  • Operated by touchpad, keyboard or touchscreen, as preferred

Control Unit for TVS-2000 Pipe Inspection System


For data collection & processing:

  • Pipe Video, pre-loaded onto the Control Unit
  • Captures videos in real-time & automatically saves to hard drive
  • Shows status of temperature, camera & crawler pressure, inclination etc.
  • Generates title and information prior to inspection

For reporting:

  • WinCan® compatible
  • Can be loaded with Trio-Vision’s own Asset DMS reporting software, if preferred

Software for TVS-2000 Pipe Inspection System

Automatic Cable Drum

  • Three working modes: automatic, manual & cable retrieving
  • Can automatically adjust speed to prevent damage
  • Emergency brake and parking device
  • Meter counter & automatic layering
  • 6mm, multi-core Kevlar reinforced cable
  • Supplied with cable of 200m
  • Manual retrieval override

Automatic Cable Drum for TVS-2000 Pipe Inspection System

Crawler robot

  • Two motors for powerful movement and climbing ability
  • Highly maneouvrable: foward, backward, left & right motion, plus infinitely variable speed up to 32m/min
  • Pressurised, with built-in pressure indicator
  • Works to an incline of 45°
  • Integrated rear view camera with adjustable LED light
  • Working temperature from -10°C – ~50°C
  • Wheel sets to accommodate different pipe diameters
  • IP68 rated

Two models available:

Robot150: for DN150-300 pipes, up to DN600 with manual elevator

Robot200: for DN200-1200 pipes including an electric elevator; up to DN2000 with optional camera attachment.

Trio-Vision Crawler Robot200 - fitted with electric elevator
Crawler Robot200, fitted with electric elevator
Trio-Vision Crawler Robot150
Crawler Robot150

JT2000 Camera

  • High resolution, colour camera
  • Pan-tilt-zoom functions & 360° rotation
  • 120 times zoom (12:1 digital; 10:1 optical)
  • Auto focusing/ manual adjustment
  • In-built LED light ring
  • Anti-fogging camera lens
  • Pressurised, with built-in pressure indicator
  • IP68 rated

Trio-Vision JT2000 Camera for TVS-2000 Pipe Inspection System


  • Manual cable drum
  • Laser measurement gauge (crack width measurement)
  • Fish-eye camera