TVS-Xplorer HD Pole Camera

Trio-Vision logoFast inspection of pipes & manholes, for initial surveys.

Designed for the fast inspection of manholes, tanks and pipes, this lightweight unit from Trio-Vision allows for easy operation.

Versatile product for use in a wide variety of situations, including in pipes from DN100 to DN1500 in size.

The Xplorer features a HD camera, for stills and video, and high-intensity LED lights for a clear, crisp picture.

The carbon-fibre telescopic pole and spring-loaded stabilising pole renders the Xplorer light and easy to manoeuvre.


  • Ideal for pipes from DN100 to DN1500
  • HD camera head with 1920×1080 pixel resolution and focus & zoom functions
  • Motorized head with up and down controls
  • Four high intensity LED lights
  • Windows® based tablet or laptop control – included in package or customer-supplied
  • Control software for camera head and lights functions
  • 3 x Lithium ion batteries & charger, with 3 hour working time per battery
  • 6m carbon fibre telescopic pole (5 x 1.2m sections)
  • Stabilising support pole
  • Carry case & telescopic pole carry bag
  • Laser distance measurement module
  • IP68 rated

The TVS-Xplorer HD pole camera with a Windows-based Tablet


  • Wired version
  • Wireless repeater (booster)
The TVS-Xplorer HD pole camera for fast initial pipe inspection surveys