Hand-held inspection cameras

RIDGID® hand-held inspection cameras reduce the amount of time it takes to detect and diagnose the unreachable. Using a camera and light source attached to a flexible cable, these cameras send live images back to a high visibility digital LCD display.

Key Features

  • Best-in-class image quality
  • Ultra-bright led technology
  • Image rotation

micro CA-25 Digital Inspection Camera

  • Features a fixed* 17 mm waterproof aluminium imager head
  • four ultra-bright LED lights, for superior image quality
  • 7″ Color LCD Screen.
  • Video Out for transferring live images to external devices
  • 180° Digital image rotation
  • Perfect for basic and short-range inspection jobs

*Not extendable, with 1.2 m imager cable

micro CA-150 Inspection Camera

  • Larger screen for more detail – 3.5″ colour LCD screen
  • Waterproof imager head w/ extendable cable (up to 9 m)
  • Capture up to 20 still images for playback on screen
  • Ergonomic one-handed grip gives you steady control
  • For more detailed visual inspections in even harder-to-reach areas.

micro CA-350 Inspection Camera

  • 12 v rechargeable lithium-ion battery for extended inspections
  • Large 3.5″ colour LCD screen with enhanced features like image rotation and digital zoom make it easier to diagnose potential problems
  • Recording on internal memory or 8 GB SD Card (included)
  • Waterproof 17 mm imager head
  • Extended reach up to 30 meters with small diameter SeeSnake® Reels

micro CA-350x Inspection Camera

  • New micro CA-350x inspection camera with Wi-Fi™ and Bluetooth™ for instant image/video sharing and live second screen viewing
  • Now available with the RIDGID 12V Advanced Lithium Battery and Charger Platform for much longer runtime and very fast battery charging
  • Easily record still images and videos of problems in hard-to-reach areas – save on the internal memory (235 MB) or the included 8GB SD-card
  • Comfortable pistol-grip design, large screen and rugged anodized aluminium camera head
  • Get the perfect view with enhanced features like image rotation and digital zoom
  • Can also be powered with the included AC Adapter

6 mm Diameter Imager Head Accessory

  •  Ultra-small inspections – nearly one-third the size of the standard camera head
  • Accessory for micro CA-150 / CA-350 / CA-350X
  • Enables detailed inspections in very confined spaces
  • 4 LED lights provide clear images.
  • Fully flexible cable for easy navigation – available in two cable sizes, 1 m & 4 m.
  • Sleek aluminum construction withstands demanding applications
  • Accessories for the 6 mm imager head are included for free: mirror, magnet and centring ball