The entire line of RIDGID® SeeSnake® Digital Monitors comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. Stream inspections to your iOS or Android device with the free HQx Live app. Every RIDGID SeeSnake Monitor integrates seamlessly with RIDGID SeeSnake Reels and are optimized to work with the TruSense enabled Reels.

CS6x VERSA Digital Reporting Monitor with Wi-Fi

  • Works with all SeeSnake® camera reels
  • Easily docks onto all Compact reels
  • Monitor can be tilted to optimal viewing angle
  • Stream or record on iOS or Android devices with free HQx Live app

CS12x Digital Reporting Monitor with Wi-Fi

  • Largest screen of all SeeSnake monitors – 12.1”
  • Longest battery life – dual battery power for maximum runtime
  • Powerful processor for fast start-up and high-speed performance
  • Stream & record on iOS & Android with HQx Live app

RIDGID® SeeSnake® CS65XR Monitor

  • Two USB drives plus internal storage for recording jobs
  • On-board reporting software to overlay notes onto the recorded media
  • Internal GPS to geotag media when available
  • Water-resistant built-in keyboard
  • Stream & record on iOS & Android with HQx Live app

RIDGID® SeeSnake® HQx® Live Digital Inspection Software

HQx Live is a free app that works with your SeeSnake CSx series Wi-Fi enabled monitor to share inspections with your customers. Available on iOS™ and Android™ devices, HQx Live provides second screen flexibility, allowing you to stream live video directly to a mobile device.

  • Turn on the monitor’s built-in Wi-Fi to quickly connect to an iOS or Android device.
  • Stream inspection footage directly on a connected mobile device.
  • Capture photos, video, and PhotoTalk media, and quickly share over a cellular connection.*
  • Open the Job Gallery to easily view, edit, and manage jobs and inspection media.
  • Quickly annotate media with shareable captions.
  • Email, text, or upload inspection media through a variety of platforms, including YouTube™ (Google account required).
  • Remotely control camera and monitor functions, such as camera brightness and the sonde.
  • Keep your SeeSnake CSx series monitor updated with wireless over-the-air updating.
  • If your camera is equipped with TruSense technology, the TiltSense icon will appear on your captured media.