Utility locating


RIDGID® utility locators feature an easy-to-use visual mapping display that allows you to locate utility lines and sondes or beacons with confidence. These locators can be used with RIDGID SeeSnake® cameras equipped with sonde transmitters to find the camera head during an inspection. They can also be used with a line transmitter to find buried utilities.
Remote transmitters attached to a push rod or drain cable can also be found.

Key Features

  • Find sondes or beacons underground
  • Find plastic pipes with integral line trace
  • Induce a signal to locate utilities

NaviTrack Scout® Locator

  • Locates RIDGID SeeSnake® in-line transmitters, Sondes and energized metallic lines
  • Designed to solve the most demanding sonde locators
  • Uses the same omnidirectional locating technology as the full-featured SR® series
  • Offers continuous depth measurement when the receiver’s orientation is correctly aligned.

SR-24 Line Locator with Bluetooth® and GPS

  • Omnidirectional antennas for greater speed & accuracy
  • Built-in GPS
  • Large display
  • Bluetooth technology to stream directly to other devices, via free RIDGIDtrax app

SeekTech SR-20 Locator

  • A lightweight, yet rugged utility line locator
  • Features an omnidirectional antenna array for greater speed and accuracy
  • Includes gradient antennas for left/right guidance and to help evaluate signal shape
  • Mapping display shows the utility’s estimated position, direction and depth
  • Foldable antenna mast for easy transport and storage

SeeSnake FleXmitter® Transmitter

  • Locate a camera in a line
  • 512 Hz transmitter, fitted as standard in all SeeSnake reels: Mini-SeeSnake, SeeSnake Standard and SeeSnake Self-Leveling
  • Upgrade your existing camera with a FleXmitter transmitter, if not already equipped
  • Meets FCC Class A and EN 55022 Class B requirements

Remote Transmitter (512 Hz Sonde)

  • Can be attached to a drain cleaning cable or a water jet hose to locate the remote transmitter in a line.
  • Flashing LED indicates that sonde is transmitting.
  • Meets FCC Class B and EN 55022 Class B requirements.