Pipe Doctor Kits & Material

The WRc-approved Pipe Doctor system includes professional materials to achieve quality repairs.

Materials are available as kits, containing everything needed for a single repair, or in bulk form.

The Kit format

Kits contain everything needed for a single repair, right down to consumables such as wire ties that could easily be forgotten on site.  Contractors just need to pick up a kit for a repair, rather than checking and ordering every individual component – an easier and more convenient way to get ready for a job.

Kits are available for repairs to straight pipe or swept bends:

  • Original kit for straight pipes available for 550mm & 1m length patches, in Summer or Winter resin formulations, from DN70-560, and larger on request.
  • Rapid kit for straight pipes with Rapid resin formulation, for faster cure times on DN100, 150 & 225 pipes.  Recommended for use to repairs within 15 metres of the manhole.  The Rapid resin formulation has its own separate WRc approval: PT/397/0217.
  • Radius kits for 600mm patch repairs to swept bends on pipes of DN100, DN150 & DN225 diameter.  The Radius kit must be used with a specially designed radius packer to create a smooth finish on bends within the pipeline.

Kit Contents

Every detail included to create a single, professional repair:

  • Protective gloves
  • Pre-measured fibre glass mat
  • Protective groundsheet
  • Plastic cable ties and wire ties
  • Two-part pre-measured resin bag – unique to Pipe Doctor
  • Packer protection
  • Resin spreader
  • Information and installation manual

Pre-measured resin bag

Pipe Doctor kits feature a unique resin bag, containing the two elements – silicate resin (dark brown in colour) and sodium waterglass (clear in colour) – separated by a sturdy clip.  The clip is removed, with the bag still sealed, to mix the two elements ready for use.

This system provides real benefits on site:

  • Always the correct mix – guaranteed
  • No contact with unmixed resins
  • Double-sealed secure bag
  • No wastage
  • Safe disposal of bag
  • Transparent bag for visual check when mixing the resin
  • Supplied in two sections, separated by a plastic sealing clip – working time only begins when actively mixed by removing clip

For more information about Pipe Doctor resins, click the link here.

To purchase Pipe Doctor kits, call 01226397015, email contact@s1e.co.uk or buy online from our web shop.

Bulk Materials

The same high-quality Pipe Doctor resin and matting for patch repair is also available in bulk quantities, as rolls of matting or containers of resin & water glass (sold separately). Cutting & measuring of the items is the responsibility of the customer.


Fibre glass matting is available on rolls for straight repair patches or for radius repair patches (for swept bends).

Straight matting is available in widths of 1250mm (for 550mm repairs) or 2500mm (for 1m repairs). Radius bulk matting is available at a width of 1250mm.

The rolls of Bulk Matting are sold by the kilogram and are c. 50-55kg in weight. A 50kg roll of Bulk Matting is sufficient to repair, for example, 116 x 100mm diameter repairs.


Pipe Doctor resin is supplied in two parts – silicate resin and sodium waterglass – which are activated on mixing.

Three formulations are available, Summer, Winter and Rapid, which give different working times and speed of curing, to suit the ambient temperature when being installed on site.  For more information about Pipe Doctor resins see the Resin page.

Bulk Resin comes as a 42kg Kit:

  1. 28kg drum of Component B – Silicate Resin
  2. 14kg drum of Component A – Sodium Waterglass

It is mixed in the ratio of 2:1 i.e. 2 parts of Component B to 1 part of Component A.

One Bulk Resin Kit is sufficient to cover, for example, 39 x 100mm diameter x 550mm long repairs or 20 x 100mm diameter x 1m long repairs.

Resin coverage is c. 1.6ltr per square metre.


S1E also stocks and sells a wide range of consumables so that contractors can easily source everything they need.  This range includes general site requirements like gloves, wipes, jugs and wire.  To browse the range online click here.

Equipment & Hardware

In addition to the materials above, equipment will also be required on site to carry out the repair.  S1E supplies much of this equipment, which can be purchased as individual products or within a Contractor Pack, which provides all the equipment needed in one bundle.

Hardware available from S1E

  • Compressed Air Supply (as an oil free electric 240v/25ltr compressor and receiver)
  • Flexible Air Push Rods
  • Flexible Adaptor
  • Inflatable Packers
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Airline (compressor to regulator)

To view equipment items within our online shop, please click here.

For more information about Pipe Doctor Contractor Packs, see this page.

Other Hardware Requirements

  • Safety Knife
  • Extraction Rope & Carabinar
  • Wire Cutters
  • Jetting & Vac Equipment
  • Duct Tape
  • CCTV Surveillance Equipment
  • Safety Barriers
  • Correct PPE