Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve

The Quick-Lock liner end sleeve is a system for permanently sealing the end of a liner to the host pipe. Once sealed, the liner end is protected against the effects of high-pressure jetting.

  • The Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeve functions in the same way as the Quick Lock Point Repair System.
  • The EPDM rubber seal has been designed to accommodate all common liner wall thicknesses.
  • To install Quick-Lock Liner End Sleeves, the following are required: one set of air-pressure-controlled cutting tools, a transfer bladder adjusted for the system, or, in accessible profiles, the Quick-Lock BIG transfer tool.

System Benefits

  • Swift & simple installation process
  • Long-lasting materials: 1.4404 (316L) stainless steel with EPDM rubber as standard
  • NBR rubber available on request, or special KTW-approved seal for drinking water applications
  • Resistant to high-pressure jetting in accordance with DIN 19523. DN150-160 tested by IKT.
  • Compensates for shrinkage in the liner
  • Can resist up to 10 bar internal pipe pressure when installed

System Components

Two-piece stainless steel sleeve with Locking screws (4x) and Sliding blocks (4x)

Rubber jacket (1x)

Compensating rubber (1 or 2, if needed)

Product Dimensions

Diameter Overall Length Pipe Internal Pressure Pipe External Pressure
DN150 – 400* 250mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN450 – 800* 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN700 – 1300** 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar
DN1400 – 1600*** 300mm 10 bar 1.5 bar

*One-piece               **Two-piece                ***Three-piece

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