The Renssi & Seweri Ranges

High quality, cost-efficient tools for drain cleaning and cutting

The Renssi & Seweri drain cleaning & cutting tool ranges from S1E contain high-quality, mechanically rotated tools, ideal for preparing pipeline for spot repair or liner installation, for cutting out collapsed liner, tree roots or other blockages and for opening up laterals.

The full range has been designed to be durable and hard-wearing, with a long service life.  The tools are either made from carbide & stainless steel by Renssi or from high-quality German stainless steel by Renssi’s sister company Seweri.  Renssi & Seweri have re-designed chain knockers and other complementary tools, in partnership with their customers, to increase their efficiency and lengthen their life.

Delivered from stock held in the UK by Source One Environmental, they are now available to the UK & Ireland with no waiting, no delay and no carriage charge.

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