Hyperflex Hydrophobic Grout

For prevention of more widespread, lower flow rate infiltration, and ground stabilisation.

HyperFlex instantly stops water infiltration, with a pre-catalysed closed cell hydrophobic grout that does not shrink.

Compared to the more aggressive SealGuard II product, HyperFlex is better suited to more widespread lower flow rate infiltration.

HyperFlex can be used on any void which needs to be filled, down to the finest of cracks.

  • Ideal for tunnels, manholes, ground stabilisation, car parks, bunds etc
  • Pre-catalysed – no mixing and no guesswork required
  • Supplied in 18.9 litre barrels or a 300ml tube
  • Non-shrinking and highly expansive (20:1 expansion ratio)
  • Flexibility accommodates movement while maintaining seal
  • Extremely simple to apply
  • Resealable/re-usable
  • Has US approval NSF 61-2007, for contact with potable water

Application is simple…

  • Inspect and remove all debris
  • Drill 10mm hole to intersect crack/joint
  • Insert tip into hole
  • Pump in Hyperflex