SealGuard II – Prevention of aggressive water infiltration through virtually any substrate.

Stop leaks easily and permanently – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

SealGuard II is extremely fast-acting – it stops fast flowing leaks within 1 to 3 seconds!



Originally developed in the USA for the mining industry, SealGuard II is a professional grade, highly effective, field tested product available for use in a multitude of applications – wherever high water flow needs to be stopped immediately.

The cured polyurethane product is ideal for manholes, culverts, bunds or any concrete, cement or brick structure that needs to be dry – for its own purpose, or prior to a long term repair.

SealGuard II performs well with all but the most severe solvent or chemical attacks, such as highly concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid. SealGuard II is hydrophobic — it will not shrink, transmit VOCs or require special breathing systems or protection.

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Watch our short demo-video to see how simple and effective SealGuard II is;

In comparison to the cement alternative often used, SealGuard II holds a range of advantages:

  • Can be injected into flowing water of up to 3 litres per second (189 litres / 42 gallons per minute) with a reaction time of 1-3 seconds
  • Injection and permanent seal, rather than just a cover up
  • Will reconstitute, even in flowing water, unlike other materials which can be susceptible to washout
  • Can be injected into the finest of fractures
  • Achieves 900 psi (>60 bar) compressive strength, when cured
  • Cures within seconds – work can continue almost immediately
  • Simple, small and patented application equipment which allows reuse of cartridge
  • Large 600ml, re-usable tube represents excellent value
  • Secure non-return valve prevents product flowing back into cartridge and reacting with unused product
  • Secure cap allows later use of unreacted product
  • Shelf life of 2 years in unopened container

The SealGuard range of polyurethane grouts has been used in mines, geothermal wells, dry-docks, and virtually anything else that can leak. Highly visible water sealing projects, include;

  • The “Big Dig” in Boston
  • Ground Zero in New York City
  • Dulles Airport in Washington, D.C

SealGuard II has been used in conjunction with Pipe Doctor patch repair to fill difficult-to-reach voids.

Read more here about a recent repair in Cumbria, where its inert qualities were essential, as the run-off discharged to a sensitive water course.