CIPP Lining

Equipment, Systems and Consumables for CIPP Lining

Cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) Lining

This cutting-edge technique enables the effective rehabilitation of sewers and culverts, without having to carry out costly open-cut excavation and replacement of the pipe. By removing the necessity to excavate a trench, CIPP lining is less disruptive, better for the environment, safer and, almost always, more cost-effective.

Benefits of CIPP lining systems

CIPP lining systems are considered ‘trenchless technologies,’ so there are multiple benefits to using this repair and curing method to rehabilitate a pipeline that is leaking or structurally unsound, such as:

  • Does not require costly excavation and replacement of the pipe.
  • The rehabilitation operation is quicker, more convenient and saves time on site.
  • Less disruptive to the locality, as the site footprint is smaller and can be done via existing access points.
  • It is environmentally friendly, as there is a minimal ecological disturbance.
  • When correctly utilised, it can save money, lower costs and be safer for the workforce.

Our CIPP Lining range includes

Lining Systems

S1E supply and distribute a number of high-quality CIPP liner systems for trenchless pipe and sewer rehabilitation. We can guide you on the right liner for your project as our supply of liners have been developed for all common pipes from DN 150 up to DN 2000, and larger - Plus thanks to excellent material characteristics and new innovative designs, CIPP lining system are stronger and more flexible than ever before.


Lining Equipment

CIPP lining equipment that gets the job done. S1E are working in partnership with some amazing brands to ensure you have quality products to achieve quality results on site. Our lining equipment range includes; the BRAWO® Magnavity LED Lining System, the Starlight UV Lining Machine, the Thunder Drum Range and Thunder Shooter Range, as well as Picote Lining Tools, and General Equipment. S1E has also brought together handy Lining Contractor Packs so you have everything you need to start lining.


Liner End Sleeves

Liner end sleeves professionally finish off a lining job, by sealing the gap between the liner and the host pipe. Liner end sleeves protects the liner end from the effects of high-pressure jetting and ensures that no debris can enter the gap causing further problems or pressures to the new liner in the future. S1E Limited offers two sorts of liner end sleeve: Quick-Lock and K-Prema. 


Picote Brush Coating

Renovate old or deteriorated drains and sewers from DN32-300 / 1¼" to 12" without the need for excavation with the Picote Brush Coating™ System. Suitable for a wide range of applications from residential to commercial. The coating applied provides a damp-proof, corrosion resistant, wear-resistant, and non-corrosive lining. Several coats can be applied within the same pipe. Renovate entire piping systems for example apartments or blocks of flats with minimal disruption, avoiding costly excavation.


Wet Out Service

Save time on site, as S1E’s lining team offers a service to contractors to deliver pre-wet liners to site so you're ready to get straight to work. Our wetting out facility is situated at S1E’s Yorkshire headquarters, delivering across Mainland UK, in temperature-controlled units. Our service covers a wide range of diameters and thicknesses of liner, and polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins are available, as well as UV-cured systems. Need a liner for your next job? Contacts us about our Wet Out Service when purchasing a liner.



Our CIPP Lining range includes
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