Lining Systems

CIPP Lining is a structural “No-Dig” repair which creates a new pipe within a damaged sewer, drain or culvert.

The resin impregnated liner is winched or inverted into the defective pipe, pressurised, and then cured using either hot water, steam or UV lights to form a new pipe. CIPP lining systems are cost-effective for creating long-lasting solutions with minimal disruption. S1E Ltd supply certified and quality CIPP lining systems. If you have any queries feel free to contact us, our expert team can advise on the most appropriate method and liner for each situation - Call 01226 397015 or email

PVC Drag & Flex Inversion

PVC-Coated liner is available from S1E Limited in drag-in and flexible inversion types. This standard liner offers a competitive lining solution. Polyester resins are recommended for use with PVC coated liner.  Silicate is a possible alternative but is not suitable for all applications due to the aroma it emits.  Epoxy resin should never be used with this type of liner. Standard catalyst and accelerator are also available to be used in combination with this liner type.


Multi-Bend Liner

S1E stock a multi-bend liner which was designed to negotiate multiple bends within a pipeline while still producing a smooth surface. This material is PU-coated, meaning that it can be used with a wider variety of resins and curing methods than a PVC-coated alternative. It is suitable for use with UV curing, PU Silicates, Polyester & Epoxy resins.

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BRAWOLINER® Lining System

The innovative solution for the rehabilitation of defective small diameter pipes. BRAWOLINER® is the supplier that offers seamless textile liners. Innovative, flexible, and virtually fold-free, the special knitted construction all BRAWOLINER® are what makes them extremely flexible. This makes it the perfect solution for defective pipes containing multiple bends of up to 90° and up to two dimensional changes. Brawoliners® include:Standard, 3D, XT, HT.


Starlight Lining System

The Starlight UV pipe liner is hose liner made of polyester felt, Polyester nonwoven and knitted polyester fabric with high-quality PU coating. The Starlight lining has a seam so it is optimized for UV curing and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials – so there is no annular gap. S1E distributes the Starlight Plus and Thermo Liner CIPP liners.


SAERTEX multiCom GRP Liner

SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI is an efficient, cost-effective solution that offers industry leading performance. Three design options make this GRP pipe liner the timesaving, flexible and sustainable choice when it comes to the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal wastewater pipes and pressure lines.



Our Lining Systems range includes
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