Push Rod Systems

Compact push rod camera inspection systems for domestic drainage pipelines.

Easy-to-handle camera systems with customisable options, using high-quality German-engineered components.

MicroLite is the smallest system for inspection of laterals from DN50 and upwards.

MiniLite camera to examine domestic lines from DN80 and larger.

We also service IBAK cameras.  Contact our Service Team to discuss your maintenance needs : service@s1e.co.uk

IBAK MicroLite

The smallest push rod system from IBAK, the MicroLite can survey pipes from as small as DN50 and is easily transportable at just 16.5 Kg in weight.  It features simple, intuitive control from a 10″ touch screen control panel, that is compatible with WinCan software (or supplied with IBAK’s own IKAS recorder).  A length measurement / indicator is built in.

Customers can select from a choice of three different control panels:  the BP1, BP2 or BP100.

Dimensions:350 (w) x 570 (h) x 470 (d) mm (exc control panel)

Two versions are available:

  • Model 1 features a 30m Magic Push Rod coil and a permanently-mounted AxialCam.
  • Model 2 features a 40m Perfect Push Rod coil and a choice of push-in AxialCam, NANO or NANO L cameras.

Click here for more information about camera head options.

IBAK MiniLite

The MiniLite was designed to cover as wide a range of applications as possible, thanks to its flexibility with lots of specification options.  It is suitable for pipes from DN80 upwards, although it can be used for pipes as small as DN50 if it is specified with the 30m Magic Push Rod drum.  It is compatible with either the BP2 or BP100 10″ touch display control panels.

The MiniLite can be used to create 3D site plans if used in conjunction with 3D-GeoSense.  Please ask for more information.

Dimensions:400 (w) x 780 (h) x 720 (d) mm (exc control panel)

Weight:29.5 Kg (approx)


Push rod coils – 

  • 30m Magic Push Rod Exchange Drum with AxialCam (mounted or push-in) for DN50 pipes & upwards
  • 40m Magic Push Rod Exchange Drum
  • 80m Perfect Push Rod Exchange Drum

Cameras – 


Click here for more information about camera head options





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