Picote Drain Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning & Rehabilitation

Innovative high-speed cleaning & rehabilitation equipment from Picote Solutions

As both manufacturers and contractors in their native Finland, Picote have the inside track on what works on site.

Their high-speed milling machines power tools to remove scale, build-up and blockages, including specialist attachments for:

  • Fats, Oils & Greases (FOGs)
  • Concrete removal
  • Failed liners
  • Damaged or delicate pipes
  • Item retrieval

An overview of Picote's drain cleaning tools can be seen in the video below:

S1E holds a wide range of millers and attachment tools in stock.

A handover is available with each miller, to talk through the best use of the machine. Comprehensive training and operator resources are available from Picote, with excellent online support available from the Picote Institute (click here).

Whilst they are most well-known for millers & drain cleaning tools, Picote's innovative development team has also created further tools for rehabilitation of pipelines.

Picote's Brush Coating system offers an alternative to lining, in that extended sections of pipeline can be re-covered, as well as smaller sections.  This system uses a Picote Miller machine with a pump to introduce the 100% epoxy solids coating resin to the pipe.  It is WRc, NSF & ASTM-approved.

Most recently, Picote has created and extended its own range of Lining equipment too.

To help maintain custimers' equipment in tip top condition, S1E is also an Approved Picote Service Centre, with engineers trained by the Picote Technical Team - more about our Service Centre here.

Our Picote Drain Cleaning range includes
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