Accessing the next generation of brush coating with Picote Xpress.

Accessing the next generation of brush coating with Picote Xpress.

S1E host exclusive demonstration with Picote Solutions for their new Picote Xpress Coating System for the rehabilitation of DN32-DN300 pipes.

We kick-started September 2023, by having Team Picote UK over at S1E Head Office, to provide an exclusive demo of the new Picote Xpress Coating System to a select few of our customers and our Sales Team.

The new Picote Xpress Coating System is the next generation of brush coating for 1¼ - 12" pipes (DN32-300), providing faster curing times, no waste, less mess, and minimal setup time for revolutionary cost and time savings.

A game changer to the drainage industry, the new Xpress Coating System includes a pump and delivery hose reel both of which are powered by built-in battery and can also be plugged into a wall for use and for charging and combines with Picote’s range of Millers.

With a maximum range of 13ft (40m), the system using thicker Xpress Epoxy resin which has a faster cure time, curing in one hour. Unlike the original brush coating system from Picote, using the Xpress Coating System means 25% less coats are needed during the pipe rehabilitation process. 

The heart of the system is Picote’s innovative Xpress Coating Pump featuring dual hydraulic resin cylinders for the new 1:1, single colour epoxy, and an internal resin heater. Resin mixes at the far end of primed delivery hose reel, providing no waste, less mess and minimal set-up time.

With a built-in 24v, 882 Wh battery providing several hours of working time, this next generation of brush coating system from Picote Solutions is perfect for drainage contractors needing to renovate old or deteriorated drains and sewers as the resin can seal small cracks and prevent root intrusion. 

Brush Coating can be coat laterals as well as CIPP mains and stacks, as the system has the power and length to coast entire piping systems from rooftop to city sewer. Providing a coating barrier to prevent rust and corrosion, Picote’s range of Brush Coating Systems are a game changer.

Pre-Orders and information available from S1E Ltd, contact the S1E Team on 01226 397015 or email

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