Cappagh's is maximising business with its investment into the Brawo Magnavity.

Cappagh's is maximising business with its investment into the Brawo Magnavity.

Cappagh's significant investment into LED Curing is continuing to maximise capability of their Lining Division but also add value to their client.

Six months ago, Cappagh Group was the first organisation in the UK to purchase two Brawo Magnavity LED Lining Systems from S1E as they deliver trenchless solutions to Thames Water for the next eight years.

Over the past six months Cappagh have continued to utilise next generation light curing and been leading the way with their ever-growing Lining Division team. 

Dean Hansford, Head of Trenchless Innovations; at Cappagh Group said, “The Brawo Magnavity LED lining system has been ticking all the boxes. We wanted a solution that had a small footprint and was easy to manoeuvre, caused less customer disruption and was environmentally friendly, and of course, simple to use and delivered high-quality results too.”

“We have increased our productivity on site since using our new LED lining systems and it is enabling us continue to provide customer confidence in us and the products we use.”

The first field day saw the new Magnavity LED curing system with Cappagh Group go as smoothly as the Lining Operations Manager, James Shaw had hoped. 21m of 100mm Pitch-Fibre Pipe with areas of severe deformation was successfully re-rounded and lined to leave it fully serviceable and flowing free. 

The time on site for this type of lining work was drastically reduced as the inversion and cure only took two hours to complete. 

Since, Cappagh’s Lining Division have continued to rehabilitate and repair multiple pipelines in the South of England on the Thames Water Network, including 25m of 150mm Foul Water sewer located down a very narrow road affecting multiple dwellings in Oxford. 

The Brawo Maganvity is an easily transportable system with a modular, lightweight construction at 60kg, and only needing manhole entry; enabling the team to navigate this project as they needed to completely remedy the sewer as it was on the verge of collapsing. 

The compact LED curing machine from BRAWO Systems, is capable of curing the range of flexible Brawo® liners in pipe diameters of DN70 to DN300. The system saves time and effort as the unique LED heads allow simultaneous retraction with inversion of the liner; curing is thus carried out immediately after installation.

Terry Ingleby, General Manager at S1E, said:“This has been a fantastic venture to be a part of with Cappagh Group, and Brawo Systems GMBH. S1E have been part of every stage of the process, and weve continued to be a line of support for the Lining Division.”

“The Brawo Magnavity LED lining system is the perfect alternative to traditionally cured liners, due to its ability to reduce risks on site and at the same time drastically increasing the productivity of the lining teams. It is great to see it’s continuing to deliver great results on site and provide more trenchless opportunities at Cappagh.”

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