Lining Equipment

Cured in place pipe (CIPP) equipment and innovative relining systems for the trenchless technology 'no-dig' drain repair.

We've sourced quality products from the best brands out there. S1E have partnered with some amazing brands in the sewer and drainage market, to provide cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining equipment, materials, demonstrations and training. S1E Ltd supply certified and quality CIPP lining systems and equipment. If you have any queries feel free to contact us, our expert team can advise on the most appropriate system and equipment for each project - Call 01226 397015 or email

Starlight UV Lining Machine

The Starlight UV lining system from I.S.T. Germany is supplied exclusively in the UK by S1E! The system is a versatile and mobile UV curing machine, with fast curing time for DN100 to DN400 - and perfect for those mainline pipe repairs, and thick or Fibreglass GRP linings. The system combines perfectly with the Starlight Plus liner, although it can be used with other UV liners as preferred.


BRAWO® Magnavity LED Lining System

S1E are the first UK reseller of the BRAWO® Magnavity LED system. Experience fast, reliable and above all smart light curing with a BRAWO® Magnavity and maximise on your productivity on site! The LED Lining System consists of an intelligent LED head with 96 or 192 high-performance UV LEDs, a 60-metre-long combination hose with integrated power and compressed air supply, a retraction unit and a control box.


Thunder Drum Range

Easy trenchless renovation via cleaning holes, manholes and all known pipe openings is possible with Thunder Drums. Drums provide efficient and uniform inversion of the liner into the pipe, ensuring a smooth and consistent installation. They’re compatible with multiple cure methods including water, steam, and UV/LED light systems. Four models available for rehabilitation of pipes from DN100 to DN300.

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Thunder Shooter Range

Endless Inversion Pipe Rehab! Compact and efficient, Shooters offer limitless repair lengths and eliminate manual winding. The Thunder Shooter is a CIPP lining inversion machine designed for limitless length pipe repairs up to 8” in diameter. Unlike inversion drums, the Shooter allows you to work continuously without needing to manually wind resin-impregnated liner through the unit. S1E Thunder Shooters are suitable for hot and cold curing with water, air or steam and are supplied as standard with hot water circulation connections.

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Picote Lining Tools

S1E supply Picote's range of high-quality products for safe, efficient, and simple CIPP installation, including Picote's Midi Roller and Wet Out Station, Picote Smart Heat Millers, and Picote Lining Cannon. The Picote CIPP Services Team work tirelessly with their R&D Team to ensure that they have the best tools for CIPP lining - all tried and tested at their own worksites across Finland.


General Lining Equipment

S1E supply a range of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) general lining equipment. As a proven trenchless method, CIPP continues to improve in performance, quality, and versatility. We can supply your lining division team with a 110v Hot Box 15ltr, Pinch Roller, Ventura Vac Pump, Calibration Hose, and your generable consumables.


Lining Contractor Packs

Lining Contractor Packs are available in 3 versions, featuring different sizes of inversion drum and contains all the hardware you need to start CIPP lining. A handy bundle to provide your team with a proffesional hardware and equipment to carry out effective no-dig pipe relining. Includes 100 & 150 mm liner and calibration hose, plus standard polyester resin. Items are stocked by S1E can be purchased individually or in bundles as Lining Contractor Packs.

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Our Lining Equipment range includes
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