Air Push Rods & Inflation Equipment

Air push rods are used during patch repair.

The rods are hollow and attach to the compressor at one end and the pacth repair packer at the other, so the packer can be inflated up to size.  The rods are also used to push the packer to the correct location with the pipeline so that it is positioned at the point of damage which is to be repaired.

As an alternative, solid drain rods can be used to push the packer into position and a separate air line is then attached to inflate the packer.  Drain rods are available from the Everyday Essentials range too.  If drain rods are to be used, a Packer Drain Rod Adaptor will be required to attach the drain rods to a Pipe Doctor packer.

The gauges available within this range are used to monitor the pressure of the packer as it is inflated and during the patch curing time.

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