Rat Blockers

Stop rodent entry problems completely

Rat Blockers are designed to stop rats travelling through drains and are installed into pipes within inspection chambers (manholes).

They are usually installed into the drain outlet, but these models can be easily configured to be fitted into a drain inlet.

Rat Blockers allow rats to pass freely downstream, but protect property by preventing their movement upstream. By installing a Rat Blocker into the drain outlet, all upstream branches are protected.

Rat Blockers are robust stainless steel devices and are held securely in place with a tight friction fit. Due to their design, these unique Rat Blockers cannot become dislodged into the drainage line.

S1E supplies two designs of rat blockers:Ratwall by Metex and the WRc-approved TX11 by Nordisk.



  • Stops rat entry completely
  • Made of durable stainless steel, which rats cannot gnaw through
  • Designed with a friction fit, so no movement in the pipe once installed
  • Simple push-fit installation
  • Both models available with installation pole, to install easily from the surface without entry to the manhole
  • Can be configured to be installed into either the outfall or the inlet pipe
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