Aspecta Pole Camera

The Aspecta Manhole/Pole camera for fast initial inspection

Benefits of ASPECTA

  • Fast operating status control
  • Power LED headlights for optimal illumination
  • Ease of use
  • Large zoom factor (30x)
  • Integrated distance measurement
  • Good handling thanks to the bipod
  • Complete integrated PC in the control panel
  • Digital transfer of recorded data (IKAS Cleaner)

ASPECTA is a manhole zoom camera (also called a pole camera) with which it is possible to take a look into connected sewers from the manhole without having to climb into the manhole.

The Aspecta’s high zoom and enhanced lighting makes it possible to view up to 30 metres into the sewer.

An integrated laser allows accurate distance measurement over the full 30m.

We also service IBAK cameras.  Contact our Service Team to discuss your maintenance needs :

Using the Aspecta

The ASPECTA is used for an initial check on the pipeline condition and is used, for example, for needs-based sewer cleaning planning and the planning of additional inspection measures. It is a simple, quick and inexpensive instrument for further action planning.

Thanks to the large zoom factor (30x optical) and built-in lighting, even in larger ducts, it is possible to see areas far from the manhole – up to 30m.  With the integrated laser, the distance to particular points can be measured anywhere up to 30m away from the manhole.

The camera is placed in the shaft with the aid of a telescopic rod and positioned in front of the sewer. An attached stand for placing the camera in the channel and a motorized swivel mechanism facilitate precise handling.

The standard interchangeable battery used is an uncomplicated variant of the energy supply, which enables easy replacement of the batteries and easy charging. For the ASPECTA you can choose between the control panel BP2 and the control panel BP100, which can also be used for the other portable IBAK systems.

The IKAS Cleaner software is recommended to record the data and transfer it digitally to the sewer data management. This can now be supplemented with ASPECTA image data, so that a paperless data cycle is created between the vehicle on site and the information system.

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