Mechanical Point Repair

Mechanical Point Repair Systems

These systems are an efficient method of sealing pipes that are damaged, and is the perfect alternative answer to a common patch repair.

What is a Mechanical Point Repair system? 

Made from high-quality and long-lasting materials, such as EPDM rubber and stainless steel. The point repair system is a swift and simple installation process that requires no curing time and just like a normal patch repair, a mechanical point repair system, doesn’t involve any excavation.

What are the benefits of Mechanical Point Repair?

Thousands of sleeves have been installed globally for repairing various types of defects in a pipe because they are:

  • Approved and Certified systems.
  • Uncomplicated mechanical install - taking as little as 30 minutes.
  • No excavation is required, reducing environmental disruption.
  • Cost effective and can be used on a variety of pipes.
  • No chemicals are used, so no curing time.
  • Provides a durable and watertight seal.

S1E supply two ranges of mechanical point repair systems; Quick-Lock from UHRIG Group and the K-Prema Internal Seal.

Quick-Lock Sytstems by UHRIG Group

A mechanical trenchless repair sleeve with a locking gear mechanism. Quick-Lock is a stainless-steel sleeve, with the coated EDPM rubber jacket that you use to place into a pipe for the point of repair. The system features it's patented mechanical locking device, to hold and place the sleeve firmly in position with its rubber seal, to repair and rehabitate pipes. Quick-Lock Liner end seals are also available, to seal the gap between a CIPP liner and the host pipe.

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Internal Pipe Seal System by K-Prema

The K-Prema Internal Pipe Seal System consisting of a large EPDM rubber sleeve and retaining clamping bands. Designed for the rehabilitation and repair of localised damage within man-entry pipelines, it has been manufactured to suit a range of sewage water, oil and air applications, the K-Prema range can be utilised on an array of pipe materials including concrete, steel, cast iron, PE, glass fibre and other materials. Liner end seals are also part of the K-Prema range.

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Our Mechanical Point Repair range includes
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