Picote Lining Tools

Tried and tested at their own worksites across Finland.

The Picote CIPP Services Team work tirelessly with their R&D Team to ensure that they have the best tools for CIPP lining.

Picote's Lining range includes:

  • NEW! Midi Roller for wetting out liners and optional Wet Out Station
  • Lining Drums
  • Lining Cannons
  • Smart Roller
  • Smart Heat
  • Gluing Tools

Midi Roller and Wet Out Station

The new Hybrid Battery Midi Roller is for wetting out CIPP liners from DN50-225. This lightweight and compact unit can be powered by the integrated battery or plugged in and charged during use.  

The system can be mounted on a separate work surface or combined with the Midi Roller Wet-Out Station which doesn’t require an additional power source – it’s powered by the Midi Roller!

Picote Smart Heat Millers

Want to move onto the next job? The Picote Smart Heat Millers make the ambient CIPP liner curing process up to 35% faster, to help ensure completion according to the resin curing schedule.

With worksite proven technology, this easy to use and ecologically friendly option doesn’t use water, so there is no risk of water damage inside buildings.

In cold weather it can also be used to prepare pipes in advance of CIPP lining by warming the pipe. Especially helpful for situations where low temperatures might make ambient curing challenging - such as hidden pipes, air vents, or pipes located in attics.

Lining Cannon

Shoot liners from as small as DN50 with the Picote Cannon. The Picote Lining Cannon has a compact design and is extremely light weight, as well as transparent to enable lining where inversion drums just can’t reach. It's the perfect for tight spaces where a drum won’t fit and  installing DN50-DN150 liners.

Constructed from heavy-duty transparent polycarbonate and aluminum, the transparent body allows you to watch the liner inversion in real-time, giving more visibility and control.

Both Cannon sizes come with multiple Inversion Heads and a Fast Cap. The Fast Lock System means you can move on to the next liner, shooting multiple lines in quick succession.

Picote offer In-House Lining Certification Training - call us now on 01226 397 015 to arrange or for more information.

Contact the S1E Sales Team for more information and orders by calling 01226 397 015, or emailing sales@s1e.co.uk.


Alternatively send your enquiry via the contact form below.

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Midi Roller and Wet Out Station - Bundle


In Stock

£6,682.50ex. VAT

Midi Roller for wetting liners


In Stock

£3,943.50ex. VAT

Picote Mini Cannon


In Stock

£1,633.50ex. VAT

Picote Wet Out Station


In Stock

£3,465.00ex. VAT

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