Picote Lining Tools

The Picote CIPP Services Team work tirelessly with their R&D Team to ensure that they have the best tools for CIPP lining. Tried and tested at their own worksites across Finland.

Picote's Lining range includes:

  • Lining Drums
  • Lining Cannons
  • Smart Roller
  • Smart Heat
  • Gluing Tools

Picote offer In-House Lining Certification Training - call us now on 01226397015 to arrange or for more information..

Picote Smart Heat Millers

Want to move onto the next job?  The Picote Smart Heat Millers cure your CIPP liner up to 30% faster than ambient curing alone.

In cold weather it can also be used to prepare pipes in advance of CIPP lining by warming the pipe.

Lining Cannon

Shoot liners from as small as DN50 with the Picote Cannon.

This compact and transparent installation tool is perfect for tight spaces where a drum won’t fit for installing DN50-DN150 liners.

The Fast Lock System means you can move on to the next liner, shooting multiple lines in quick succession.