The Grabber is a must-have on every job site.

It allows you to quickly retrieve lost tools or foreign objects blocking a pipe, avoiding costly and time-consuming excavation.

While viewing the location with your CCTV camera, simply push the grabber into position. The grabbing head is easily rotated so you can locate and grip the item with precision. Then, simply turn on the air valve to get a rock-solid grip on the object to pull it out and retrieve it. Turn off the air to release.

Original, Large & Mini Options


The Original Grabber is designed for pipes of DN100 diameter and above, and the Large Grabber can be used in DN150 and larger pipes.

The NEW Small Grabber for retrieving lost items in smaller diameter pipes. Available for DN50-DN70 pipes in two lengths, 5m and 10m with the option of TWO styles of grabbing claw head!

Picote Grabber


In Stock

£1,760.00ex. VAT

Grabber Extension, 10m


In Stock

£346.50ex. VAT

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