Bulk Material

Professional materials for a watertight repair on a localised area

The WRc-approved Pipe Doctor system includes professional materials to achieve quality repairs.

Materials are available as kits, containing everything needed for a single repair, as well as in bulk form, as rolls of matting or containers of resin & water glass (sold separately). Cutting & measuring of the items is the responsibility of the customer.


Fibre glass matting is available on rolls for straight repair patches or for radius repair patches (for swept bends).

Straight matting is available in widths of 1250mm (for 550mm repairs) or 2500mm (for 1m repairs). Radius bulk matting is available at a width of 1250mm.

The rolls of Bulk Matting are sold by the kilogram and are c. 50-55kg in weight. A 50kg roll of Bulk Matting is sufficient to repair, for example, 116 x 100mm diameter repairs.


Pipe Doctor resin is supplied in two parts – silicate resin and sodium waterglass – which are activated on mixing.

Three formulations are available, Summer, Winter and Rapid, which give different working times and speed of curing, to suit the ambient temperature when being installed on site.  

Bulk Resin comes as a 42kg Kit:

  1. 28kg drum of Component B – Silicate Resin
  2. 14kg drum of Component A – Sodium Waterglass

It is mixed in the ratio of 2:1 i.e. 2 parts of Component B to 1 part of Component A.

One Bulk Resin Kit is sufficient to cover, for example, 39 x 100mm diameter x 550mm long repairs or 20 x 100mm diameter x 1m long repairs.

Resin coverage is c. 1.6ltr per square metre

Please note:In regards to Pipe Doctor resin, as of 24th August 2023, adequate training is required before industrial or professional use of this product.

Equipment & Hardware

In addition to the materials above, equipment will also be required on site to carry out the repair.  S1E supplies much of this equipment, which can be purchased as individual products or within a Contractor Pack, which provides all the equipment needed in one bundle.

Hardware available from S1E

  • Compressed Air Supply (as an oil free electric 240v/25ltr compressor and receiver)
  • Flexible Air Push Rods
  • Flexible Adaptor
  • Inflatable Packers
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Airline (compressor to regulator)

Other Hardware Requirements

  • Safety Knife
  • Extraction Rope & Carabinar
  • Wire Cutters
  • Jetting & Vac Equipment
  • Duct Tape
  • CCTV Surveillance Equipment
  • Safety Barriers
  • Correct PPE
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