Packers & Stoppers

Packers are essential equipment for no-dig patch repair – used for positioning the patch and holding it during curing.

Pipe Doctor packers are available for purchase or hire.  

Introduction to Packers & Stoppers

Packers are used in conjunction with Pipe Doctor patch repair kits or bulk materials. The patch is wrapped around the packer which is then positioned at the point of repair and inflated to press the patch against the damaged pipe. Once the patch has cured, the packer is deflated and removed to be used again.

Stoppers are also inflated within the pipeline and are used to stop the flow of water temporarily when required to create a dry line for repair or other purposes.

Pipe Doctor packers and stoppers are made from high-quality rubber for smooth expansion and a long service life.  They are finished with metal fittings for inflation and deflation.

Three Types of Circular Packer

S1E supplies three types of circular packer plus a Pillow Packer. Radius Packers must be used for the repair of bends. The other types can be used for the repair of straight pipes. In addition, the Pillow Packer can be used to repair non-circular structures.

Standard packer

Each packer covers a small range of pipe sizes.  The Pipe Doctor standard range covers pipes from DN35-DN400. The product code indicates the packer sizes:for example the PDSP10/15/15 packer is suitable for DN100 pipes and DN150 pipes, indicated by the first 4 numbers. The overall length of the packer is covered by the last two digits of the product code:in this case 1.5metres.

Wheeled packer

Wheeled packers are available for larger sizes and are more manoeuvrable than Standard Packers, with wheels fitted at both ends of the packer. All wheeled packers within this range have an annular (flow-through) construction to allow water to flow down the centre of the packer when in use. This allows the main pipe to remain in operation during patch installation.

Suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 100mm to 600mm, bespoke and larger sizes are also available on request. The product code also indicates the packer size, for example PDWP10/15/15 is suitable for DN100 & DN150 pipes (first 4 numbers of the code) and is 1.5m long (last 2 digits of the code).

Radius packer

Radius packers are normally only used for radius repairs but certain situations may dictate the use of a radius packer in straight pipes, e.g. restricted access, negotiating bends before the straight pipe etc.

Radius packers are available in three sizes:PDRP10/15 is used for DN100 pipelines, PDRP15/15 is used for DN150 pipes and PDRP225/15 is also available.

Pillow Packer

The pillow packer is a fold-flat, oblong packer for the repair of pipes from 750mm diameter to 2000mm and above. It is lighter in weight than equivalent-sized circular packers and is easier to manoeuvre and install. It can be used to repair ovoid pipes or to connect two pipes of different diameter.

The Pillow Packer is used with resin and matting supplied in bulk form, not with Pipe Doctor kits.


  • Available in four sizes:300-600mm, 600-1000mm, 1000-1400mm and 1200-1800mm
  • Can be manufactured to bespoke sizes
  • Flexible to manoeuvre
  • Approx 30% lighter weight than standard packers of the equivalent size
  • Folds flat for easy transportation and storage
  • Inflates to fit the shape of the damaged infrastructure; repair ovoid as well as circular pipes
  • Repair is structural, dependent on layers installed


Stoppers are used for blanking off a pipe for air testing, water testing or flow stopping for a repair.


  • Allowable Back Pressure 0.5 bar ** (5m head of water)
  • Inflation Pressure 1.5 bar
  • Standard Series 26 Connectors
  • Wide expansion range will work in all types of pipe
  • Lightweight :most sizes can be installed by one man
  • Reinforced Synthetic Rubber:maximum durability
  • Available in Nitrile for Hydrocarbon applications
  • Compressor or hand-pump inflation accessories
  • Special sizes on request

** Maximum inflation & back pressures are for stoppers fully inserted into the pipe and mechanically braced against slippage

Packer Starter Kit


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